Instructions for Abstract Submission

  • Language: English
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12pt
  • Abstract Title: Typed in bold, aligned left
  • Author name(s) should be italicized, initial letters of first name and surname should be started with capital letters. The name of the presenter must be underlined. Please specify with indices if the authors come from different affiliations. Name and affiliation sections should also be aligned left side.
  • Affiliation details should be given under the name section. Indicate the corresponding author with “*” and give the e-mail address in extra line below the affiliation section.
  • Abstract should be limited by 300 words exception of names, affiliations, key words and acknowledgements. It should be justified as alignment.
  • Line spacing should be used single line.
  • Keywords could be used up to 7 terms.
  • Give a name to your abstract file as follows; Oral/Poster-Presenter Surname. (Example; Poster-Yesilyurt.doc)
  • If you have more than one abstract please name your abstracts as : Poster-Yesilyurt1.doc Poster-Yesilyurt2.doc etc)


  • Poster presentations should contain informative title, an introduction, materials-methods, results and discussion with references.
  • Descriptive figures and tables can be added if necessary.
  • Poster sizes should be 100cm (height) and 70cm (width).
  • The posters can be read away from 1-meter distance.
  • Materials (boards, adhesive tape, etc.) will be provided.

Oral presentations

  • Contributed oral presentations will be limited to 15 minutes with 12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions. Length of symposium and Workshop Presentations will vary. More information can be obtained from the conveners of the different Symposia and Workshops.
  • We will provide a computer with Windows Office installed in each session room. Your slides will be projected with a projector onto a screen. Personal laptop computers cannot be plugged into the projectors in oral session rooms.
  • Individuals must bring their presentation to the information desk in break-time or at least 30 minutes before presentation/session.

Sample abstract file can be downloaded from this link

You can download original size congress logo by clicking the image.