Instructions for Proceedings

  • Title: The title of a paper consists of the title itself, capitalized (all words except for short connectives should start with a capital letter), unnumbered and centered between the margins.

Use a Times New Roman, 14 point, bold font for the title. There should be no title page. The body of the paper should begin immediately after the title and author text.

  • Author names: Then give the name and affiliation of each author including department, institution, country, and email address centered between margins. Use a Times New Roman, 10 point.
  • Abstract: Abstracts should be 200-300 words in length. Skip 2 lines before and after abstract. Start the abstract with the sequence “Abstract:” in 10 point bold-face without a line break.
  • Introduction: It should be brief and limited to the definition of the problem, the aims and purposes of the research and its relation with other studies in the field. Also the working hypothesis must be clearly stated.
  • Materials and Methods: It should include relevant details on the experimental design and techniques.
  • Results and Discussion: The aim of this section is the interpretation of the results and their relation to the existing knowledge. The contribution to Biotechnology should be clearly stated.
  • Acknowledgements: This is an optional section. Acknowledgements or appreciation to individuals for assistance with the manuscript or with the material reported should be included and appear at the end of the article after References.
  • References: A sample reference:

Özşahin E, Van Oers MM, Nalçacioğlu R, Demirbağ Z. Protein-protein interactions among the structural proteins of Chilo iridescent virus. Journal of General Virology 2018;99:851-859,